the Garden

A study of hybridity and purification of action from context, making room for the new essence to appear.

The performance "The Garden" invites you to enter the greenery and explore a collection of exotic plants where a woman is represented alongside other objects of nature. Like flowers, they spray the vitality of nature. The performance space is an illusory landscape composed of objects and bodies. Performers generate energy and charge the space and objects.

Shaking their hips monotonously, they mutate and allow other forms of life to express themselves. Working with the theory of object-oriented feminism, the trio seeks strength in the vulnerability of being an object.

The work was performed in ‘Sdvig’ performance arts studio (St. Petersburg), Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), What if they went to Moscow — a showcase for European contemporary art curators, ZIL Culture Centre (Moscow), Suoja/Shelter Festival (Helsinki), Red-Line Gallery (Moscow), Hellerau European Centre for the Arts (Dresden), Kleine Humbolt Galerie (Berlin).

Choreography: Ekaterina Volkova, Daria Yurichuk, Natasha Zhukova
Performance: Asya Ashman, Lucien Lubimova, Ekaterina Volkova, Daria Yurichuk, Natasha Zhukova