Kat&Nat is a duo of dissident dance artists who left Russia because of their anti-war and anti-regime stance. Since 2018, the dance tandem has formed a sustained artistic collaboration dedicated to independent productions distanced from the conventional (re)production of dance. Collaborating and gathering a community of contemporary dance enthusiasts around them, the artists seek the implicit potential of movement practices as well as opportunities of dance to seep and implement into the socio-political fabric of the city.

Since 2018, the works of the duo have been presented on the European art scene by institutions of various institutionalization: international festivals, galleries, theaters, and diverse project spaces, including grassroots initiatives. In their projects, artists explore the emancipatory possibilities of movement and dance and argue about spontaneous collectivity and solidarity built on non-verbal intimacy.

In January 2021, the artists began a large-scale project based on an exploration of the repressive modality of the collective emotional body, the inexpressibility of desire, and the intrusion of the state into the territory of the body and corporeality.

In September 2022, as part of a week-long residency at the MyWildFlag! Festival in Stockholm, the duo presented work-in-progress, exploring fragmented identity and rethinking transformations of artistic practice in the context of war.

Since the fall of 2022, the artists have relocated to Berlin