Taedium Vitae. Episode 1,
Untitled Installation

Taedium Vitae (tired man, lat.) — transgressive about the trauma of unmanifested emotional states. This performance combines contemporary dance, sound art, theatre and performative installation. This is a huge project, consisting of several episodes, which can be shown separately or together.

Anxiety, fatigue, apathy and melancholy are torn apart into aggression, pain, shock and euphoria to create Sensory overload for the viewer as an alternative to catharsis.

This work is an attempt to find situations of expression of the individual in the collective, the search for a language for translating intimate states and hidden social affects into the public reflection.

Considering the public living of emotions as a kind of exposure, we turn to the body as a metaphor for vulnerability. How can our hidden fragility be transformed into a state of strength, and how can the public recognition of the potential of unstable states create a collective space of manifestation?

The work was performed at RuArts Foundation, Moscow

Choreographers: Natasha Zhukova, Ekaterina Volkova
Performers: Alina Guzhva, Lucien Lubimova, Natasha Zhukova, Ekaterina Volkova